December favourites

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December… the month of snow, holidays and cold. I figured this is the perfect winter month to list up some faves, so here they are (in no particular order)!

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When Rafa Nadal lost on Manic Monday of Wimbledon

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This match was an absolute thriller. 4 hours and 58 minutes of sets, games, and a terrific last set. He was up against Muller, a 34 year-old Luxembourger, who had never won against someone of the Big Four. Easy peasy for Nadal, right? Not so much.

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10 YA books you should read

Let me just make this clear: I absolutely love books. My favourite genre is Young Adult, so that’s why I’m doing a list of YA books you should definitely read. These ones had me hooked from the start, and I simply couldn’t put them down. Warning: may cause non-stop reading. (This list is in no specific order.)

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New blog, new posts

So – *takes a deep breath* – hi!

This is my new blog, my second blog on WordPress. My other one is in Dutch, so I decided to make this English blog to practise my, well, English. 

You will find the most random things here. Whenever I feel like writing about something, like for example tennis (prepare yourselves), music, books, life, etc. I must say I come up with ideas rather randomly, so don’t be surprised if you get super random updates.

Anyway, enjoy my blog! And of course: