When Rafa Nadal lost on Manic Monday of Wimbledon

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This match was an absolute thriller. 4 hours and 58 minutes of sets, games, and a terrific last set. He was up against Muller, a 34 year-old Luxembourger, who had never won against someone of the Big Four. Easy peasy for Nadal, right? Not so much.

Muller won the first two sets, 6-3 and 6-4. Everyone was shocked, Rafa included. He’d done it three times before in a Grand Slam – losing two sets and still winning. So he fought back, won the two sets with 6-3, 6-4 (ironically). The last set would be deciding.

But first let me tell you this: Muller’s serve and return are simply amazing. He could serve first in the final set, so if it would come to a tie he would have an advantage, because Nadal had to break him.

And a tie it was, a very good tie. Muller just kept returning Rafa’s sets, not even cracking one bit. But one had to crack eventually, and no one expected it, but it would be Nadal. He just couldn’t return the serves well enough, which caused Muller to serve even better.

The match just kept going and then ended with 13-15. And it hurt to see Rafa so disappointed, since I was really rooting for a repeat of that epic 2008 Fedal final.

Anyway, who do you think is going to win Wimbledon 2017? My bet is on Federer since the beginning.


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